After shooting solo for years, James has realized there is greater strength in numbers. His collaboration with Local.Studio started with a project for HBO. A story was developing in Australia with a 6 year old female surfer that caught HBO's eye. The family had already promised the story to James, so when HBO called he realized in order to complete a shoot of this caliber he needed a larger team. Local.Studio, founded by Sean Slobodan, joined James and it was the start of a great working relationship. James now works as part of the team. Under Local.Studio we are able to take on projects of any size. Working with a team of the best producers and editors, James now has more time to focus on shooting. What he loves most. James couldn't be happier to be part of this incredible team.

Local Studio is a 4K Digital Entertainment and Production Studio. We are image-makers and dream-chasers, we're some of the best in the industry in digital, film, commercial and documentary work.